Welcome to Cuzz Media

Cuzz Media is part of the Cousins Group of Companies. Due to corrupt and unconscionable actions by the NAB in 2008, which shut down five of our projects, with the loss of many jobs, the decision was made by the family to expose the damage these banks have been allowed to do to businesses in Australia.

The Bank Victims platform exposes the greed and corruption by the banks that have damaged our way of life.

Banks such as the NAB, whether through greed or incompetence have caused the business sector, farming families and the individual to suffer due to their relentless profiteering.

The Bank Victims Platform was established to expose what these ruthless, profiteering banks are up to. Victims will be able to communicate with victims alike to share their stories and to send a clear message through the Bank Victims social platform that enough is enough, and we will not tolerate their unjust and unconscionable actions anymore.

Cuzz Media in conjunction with The Victims Studio, have now completed this platform.

Cuzz Media has now launched Bank Victims in support of the Royal Commission into the Banking and the Financial Sectors in Australia.